ARTPORT art storage & collection services

Where collections prefer to stay

IPARC provides a state-of-the-art storage facility with a professional portfolio of collection services: ARTPORT.

Over 8000 m2 storage provides both affordable solutions as well as tailor made secluded storage spaces depending on collection and customer requirements.

But more than a building ARTPORT is a story of people, absolutely passionate about art, with a vision on sustainability, taking pride in what they do. It is the care for care that results in this joint offer.
We look forward to sharing that passion and our know-how with you.

Taking collections to heART


• Air, sea & ground transportation

• Customs assistance

• Climate-controlled fleet

• Customized packing & crating (in-house carpentry)

• Museum quality archival materials

• Member of the Hasenkamp group: more than 30 offices in Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia

• Worldwide network of art correspondents.


• In-house conservation team and workshop

• Collection registration & digitalization

• Preventive conservation

• Conservation & restoration of paintings, polymateric objects, contemporary art, furniture, stone and polychromic sculpture, metal, textile and works on paper

• High resolution and multispectral imaging

• Integrated Pest Management (IPM) services

• Thermal pest control chamber (Thermo Lignum).


• Self-sufficient building with maximized use of thermal & solar energy

• Museum-standard climate control

• Progressive acclimatization

• 24 x 7 surveillance

• Interior loading dock

• Exhibition/viewing rooms

• VIP-parking

• +8000 m2 storage capacity

• Emergency, short and long term storage

• Depot logistics.

Pay per use or subscription-based packages with Service Level Agreements. Certified staff.



ARTPORT has a track record in shipping and handling world-class art works by air, sea and ground. From customs assistance, forwarding and clearance to insurance support.

Through the Art Alliance, they have access to a worldwide network of art correspondents and carriers from their 30 offices in Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia. The climate-controlled fleet –complemented by progressive acclimatization in ARTPORT ensure works are moved with the greatest possible care by trained art handlers. Museum quality archival materials, customized packing, framing and crates from the in-house carpentry complement the offer.


Art works are always inspected upon their arrival or can be subject to yearly checks depending on collection requirements.

Condition checks and reports are handled by IPARC’s conservation team and works are released only when no infestation to eliminate any risk for contamination. In case infestation is detected, work(s) are treated by a trained IPM (Integrated Pest Management)- conservator with warm air in the Thermo Lignum chamber on site, a certified method for ecological insect pest eradication, or with another method should the work require otherwise.

Collection owners are closely and discretely involved when treatments are deemed necessary.


Storage is organized according to the type of objects so that relative humidity and temperature can be adjusted accordingly, taking into account the EMC (Equilibrium Moisture Content) for different materials. Other parameters defining the location and type of storage are the duration of stay, mobility of collections, such as gallery stocks moving around frequently, as well as the need for discretion and specific security measures.

The more than 8000m2 storage space provides numerous possibilities, from group storage to individual safes.

The ARTPORT at Brussels cargo airport is part of an international network of art storage facilities worldwide ( that provides customers with options to delocalize and/or optimize collection mobility.


A state of the art climate control system assures stable conditions and provides extensive monitoring and reporting data according to museum standards.  The building uses geothermal energy deep down in the grounds of Brussels’ cargo airport to maintain stable conditions within a sustainable operational model.

The building strives to be self-sufficient and to maximize the use of thermal and solar energy. Stringent security measures and access control to the grounds ensure 24 by 7 high surveillance levels.


Customers and collections safeguarded in the ARTPORT have access to on-site viewing and exhibition rooms. With a fitted catering back-office and VIP-parking, the facility can be used to host private events for your collection on display.


Part of the ARTPORT operates under a ‘freeport’-system free of  VAT and customs duties on art imported from non EU-countries. The ARTPORT is located at the cargo airport grounds at Brussels Airport, one of Europe’s largest cargo hubs.

Transport & logistics, clearance for storage & collection services


The ARTPORT storage building is much more than a climate controlled box.

The building houses IPARC’s 700 m2 conservation workshop as well as the photo lab where infrared reflectography (IRR), X-ray, ultraviolet (UV) and other multispectral imaging operations can be carried out, next to regular high definition photography for catalogues and digital archives. A laboratory provides for analysis and research services from technical to chemical testing.

The conservation team is composed of Masters in Conservation for the following areas: paintings, polymateric objects, contemporary, furniture, stone and polychromic sculpture, metal, textile and works on paper.  Each within their discipline they execute preventive conservation assignments as well as conservation and restoration treatments.  All treatments are extensively documented and reported. For inventory management collection registration and digitalization museum-standard systems and procedures are applicable.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) services reside in the hands of IPARC’s wood and polychromic sculpture conservators as they assess objects for treatment and operate the Thermo Lignum chamber in the transit area.


International Platform for Art Research and Conservation

The International Platform for Art Research and Conservation (IPARC) ( is an independent multidisciplinary platform specialized in research, conservation and collection services for art works in private and public collections.



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